Bring in Spring, Part 3: My top Spring Green picks for your home

There is no colour in the spectrum that speaks Spring to me more than green. Green is the most common colour in the natural world and represents new life, freshness, vitality and rebirth. Do you know what happens to your body in the presence of green? explains that being in the presence of the colour green stimulates your pituitary gland. Your muscles are more relaxed, and your blood histamine levels increase, which leads to a decrease in allergy symptoms and dilated blood vessels, aiding in smoother muscle contractions. In short, green is calming, stress-relieving, and – a bit paradoxically – invigorating.

And yet, the use of green in interior decor has traditionally been limited and restricted. In fact, as I was growing up the colour green in decor was really only used in two ways: Lime green bathroom walls and accents in the new uprising of Barratt home new builds, and drawing room green in old traditional properties with uncomfortable leather sofas. In both examples the use of green seems very limited to specific target markets and tastes, but I think that is changing.

Valspar’s chosen colour palette for 2018 features 12 different colours, and a quarter of them are shades of green, all of them very different to each other: one rich and emerald-like, one greyish and muted, and the third blue-green like the sea. Access the Valspar website here to see examples of how they can be used Valspar’s colours of the year 2018

Furthermore, the botanical trend has hit modern style in a big way in the last few seasons. From high street fashion to high end wallpaper, there is no sign of this theme going anywhere any time soon. And once again, quite obviously, green features in a big way in botanicals.

HM Home Botanical Theme from Style at Home

I have been working on an idea for decorating our living room. It isn’t a massive priority because of the pending arrival of baby, however I have started to plank a little collection of items what are building up a more developed idea of what I would like the space to look and feel like. And, guess what, green is the theme. You might call me a tentative theme adopter though…I love dark walls but would probably only paint one rather than a whole room. I love plant life, but I would limit myself to only a handful of real plants and use faux for the rest. I love velvet furniture, but am more likely to get a pouffe or chair as opposed to a sofa. This is just the way I roll, and it’s the way I plan to roll with my green living room theme. I would much rather ensure that anything I might tire of in the future is inexpensive to redo and replace than requiring a complete recarpet and new furniture.

Here I have collated my top ten green themed items/ideas for your home that will bring in the spring season’s colour without requiring a complete redecoration of your entire house.

1. Amara Living Cushion

Amara Living northe-birds-cushion-45x45cm-244026
I adore the colours in this beautiful embroidered cushion from Amara Living. The mix of blues and greens keeps the green hues from being too overpowering.

2. H&M Home Blanket

Green Jaquard Blanket
This beautiful sage green colour is a muted way to introduce green to your decor and the pattern has a classic, timeless appeal.

3. Trouva Hanging Planter

Trouva hanging planter
This gorgeous hanging planter comes in two sizes, large as pictured here, and small.

4. Ikea Round Rug

This round rug from Ikea is 130cm diameter and an absolute steal at only £25. It will break up the angles in our living room perfectly.

5. Laura Ashley Wallpaper

Laura Ashley Greendale Wallpaper
This Laura Ashley wallpaper is currently down to only £16 a roll and I cannot peel my eyes from it. It has the perfect mix of green and grey for a lovely soft colour palette.

6. Laura Ashley Curtain Tie Backs

Laura Ashley Curtain Tie Backs
These curtain tie backs can be paired with green, grey, or neutral coloured curtains while still bringing in a hint of green to your room. Laura Ashley has many items in this colour which they call Pistachio, and much of it is currently in the sale so check it out.

7. Cable & Cotton String Lights

Cable and cotton lights
I love cable and cotton lights, and what makes them so amazing is that you can guild the colour palette and length of the string to suit your needs. This set is an off the shelf option from them called ‘Primrose’ but visit their website to see the vast array of colour options they have available, or build your own.

8. Junique Prints

9. Matalan Foliage

Matalan Palm Tree
Matalan’s home department is absolutely divine just now. They’re faux greens, from succulents to tall plants will bring green into your home easily and with no maintenance required.

10. Graham and Brown Clock

Graham and Brown Clock
This clock is called the Lagoon Wall Clock, and oh my, it is absolutely divine! The mix of greens and blues in this is too perfect for words.

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