Iconic Lights and Grillo Designs: collaboration product launch night

Not in a million years did I ever imagine that a day would come where I would be going to an invite-only exclusive launch event for a line of new interiors products! Never ever! When I set up my interiors account on Instagram last November, and then this blog a few months later, I did so for my own personal outlet and enjoyment. And yet, here I am, with thousands of followers, hundreds of unique visitors a month to my blog, and receiving party invites of this kind! I am one grateful girl.

The invite to the Iconic Lights and Grillo Designs event is the first invite of its kind I have ever received. The event was happening fairly locally to where I live, I am obviously a follower of Medina @ Grillo Designs on Instagram, and Iconic Lights and I had partnered before for a photo shoot opportunity, so all of those things combined to make me the lucky recipient of an invitation. Yippee!

So, a novice at this sort of thing, there then ensued several weeks of uncertainty over what to do and what would happen and I’m very happy to share with you the stupid reality of my experience, for your giggles if nothing else.

The Invite

One day I received a mysterious package in the post. I wasn’t too confused as my internet shopping addiction is well known and documented on Instagram, but I was still racking my brain trying to remember what I had ordered. On opening I found a lovely botanical themed invite and some beautiful little succulents.


What I failed to realise is that the succulents and moss were intended to be put together into a glass container to create what is called a ‘terrarium’. This was a word which at the time I was completely unfamiliar with until several weeks down the line I saw people posting their own special deliveries on Instagram all styled up and beautiful…but by then it was too late for me: the moss was in the bin, and the succulents were in little pots on a shelf! Ha! #plantlady I am not!

The Build-up

There then ensued several weeks of Instagram stalking to see who else had received an invite and would be going to the event too. Guys, I’m talking interiors Instagram royalty here! Katie from @comedowntothewoods, Justin from @design_at_nineteen, Beth from @bethshehata, Louise from @home.of.four, Ellie from @e.t.shown_home…to name just a few! Eek! And here I am with my little account and my little blog and my tiny-human led home going to be mingling with design led interiors fashionistas!

This was also when I discovered my succulent faux pas, Justin I’m pointing at you here with your beautiful terrarium (there’s that word again). I remember walking into the hall and looking at my little succulents in their little plastic pots and thinking ‘Oooooooooo, that’s what I was suppose to do with the moss’, lol! I should also note that last week I managed to drop two of the succulents, smashing half of their beautiful little petally leaves off, so now I have wonky succulents in silly plastic pots, as if I couldn’t get any more useless!

The Wardrobe Issue

Every girl knows what it’s like trying to pick an outfit for anything…a date, an interview, a wedding, pretty much any event, ever. But, only a breastfeeding mama knows how it feels when you have humungous leaky boobs at the same time. Disaster! Although I wasn’t taking George with me, I did need to have access to the breast-area in order to express them off at some point in the night so they didn’t explode. So I needed to try and look sassy but not over-dressed, with easy access but not slutty, and accommodate the hot muggy weather even though it was also raining! What the hell?! How is this even possible?

I eventually settled on a canary yellow button up dress thinking it would be loose and baggy enough to feel cool despite the humidity. I could not have been more wrong.

Zara dress
Beautiful Zara Button Up Dress

The Wardrobe Issue Continued

My advice to you is never ever have a drastic haircut right before a big event. And that is all there is to be said on the hair issue!

Then there was the yellow dress issue. What a gorgeous dress, I mean look at it. However, what I didn’t realise was that it was made from a fabric that crushes really easily. Add in a delayed train journey, some torrential rain, a traffic jam that resulted in me needing to walk/run most of the way from the train station to the venue, and some hormonal sweats (yes, apparently that is an actual thing for breastfeeding mamas who don’t have their baby with them) and the dress turned into a sodden, wrinkled, limp mess! Disaster! I literally had to go to the toilet and take it off, hang it on the back of the cubicle door and let it dry off for a while as I expressed my sweat-causing boobs into a bottle. It is hands down one of the least elegant, unladylike, depressing things I have ever had to do. But a few proseccos later and I was able to openly laugh about it…my apologies to anyone at the event who really just didn’t want to know (Lee @ Iconic Lights, I am truly sorry).

The Event

Ok, so now that I have overshared quite sufficiently, how about the event itself? Wow! I don’t think I have been anywhere as cool as The Menagerie in Manchester.


Jasmine and the team from Iconic Lights had done an amazing job making this uber cool venue even more hip with their own additional decor, and of course, the products of the moment, the lights that we were there to celebrate the launch of.

Who even knew that Instagram selfie photo scenery even existed?! Ok, maybe some of you Instagram die hards did, but I didn’t! I wasn’t quite brave (or dry!) enough to get into the ball bath, but I did stand next to it trying to hide behind some beauties.

From the front: Laura @lifeonjacklane, Frankie @luckyplot13, Lucy @_itslucy_, your truly, Amy @harrison_nate_and_me

Amy and Lucy were two of the first people I met, standing out in the street in the rain, looking rather lost and trying to work out where to go. They immediately took me under their wing and I was so grateful for the support given my embarrassed frantic state.

The way Lucy and Amy looked after me is testament to how friendly and supportive the Instagram community is

And the product? Classically Iconic, the products are affordable, well made, modern pieces that can fit into a range of working homes. The range includes a pivoting desk lamp, a matching floor lamp (both available in both grey and black) and an amazing geometric ceiling pendant. They clearly display Medina’s practical style and reflect the functional artistic colour palette of her home. I would be happy and lucky to own one and am now surveying my house trying to work out where I can slide one in without my other half noticing. Although, even if he did notice, the cost is so purse friendly that I’m sure he wouldn’t mind at all!

Iconic Forton Desk Lamp in Grey by Grillo Designs

I just want to take a moment to thank Medina and Jasmine, and all the team at Iconic Lights for inviting me to come along. I would also like to say a big thank you to the contributors to a gorgeous goody bag full of little lovelies which I had a rummage through on the way home. And lastly, I would like to say thanks to everyone from our Instagram community who made my night so much fun, it was so lovely to put names to faces.

Head to http://www.iconiclights.co.uk to see the full range of product in the Grillo Designs range and to read more about Medina and her vision for these products.


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