20 Autumn Decor Updates for Under £20

I love Autumn. While most people in the UK are lamenting the loss of summer, those few valuable weeks of sunshine in a climate that is normally featured on the news for its persistent rain, here I am thankful for the break in the heat and enjoying the turn of the season.

I love the colours of autumn: the golds, reds, browns, and oranges warm me down to the depths of my soul. And, although spring is the season of new beginnings, without autumn to clear out the old there would be no new beginnings to enjoy. For me, the breezes that autumn brings blow out the cobwebs and leave me feeling refreshed…especially after what turned out to be one hell of a heatwave this summer.

Autumn also marks the nights drawing in that bit earlier, the perfect excuse to cosy up on the sofa with the people you love, drinking hot chocolate and eating home baking. Without autumn, my addiction to blankets and cushions would be entirely unjustified! AND, as if that’s not enough reasons to love the season already, it is also my birthday in Autumn, around the last weekend of September.

I’m not normally one to follow a trend, however, when the season changes I do tend to make some seasonal updates in our home to accommodate the turn in weather. You may have seen my Bring in Spring Blog Series earlier this year where I shared with you all some of the ways that I get the house ready for the spring months. Today I want to show you how you can get your house autumn ready, and that it does not need to be expensive to do so.

Below you will find 20 ideas that all cost under £20 to bring your home into the autumn months and make it feel warm, cosy and the perfect hygge hideaway from the autumnal weather outside. Most pictures are linked directly to supplier websites if you click them, but if in doubt just ask.


Cushion Covers

Swapping out your cushion covers is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to update your spring/summer colours for autumn/winter ones. And I can’t recommend H&M Home enough for availability of cushion covers of all colours and sizes.

  1. Dark Dusty Rose: summer ending does need to mean that all pinks must go. H&M have captured a beautiful shade of dark dusty rose that is a perfect hybrid colour and will see you from summer to autumn with ease.

    HM Dark Dusty Rose Cushion Cover £3.99
  2. Ochre Yellow: Another colour that is the perfect hybrid as it can be used across all 4 seasons by pairing it with different colours accordingly. Coupled with dark dusty pink and rust tones, ochre yellow is the ideal shade for autumn.

    H&M Ochre Patterned Cushion Cover £3.99
  3. Velvet: velvet is a warming and luxurious texture that is perfect for autumn thanks to its decadence and cosiness. Pick velvet covers in warm tones for the ultimate autumn style.

    H&M Gold Velvet Cushion Cover £6.99


Throws and Blankets

Autumn and winter are the ideal seasons for cuddling under a blanket on the sofa. I love have lots of blankets around because it saves me needing to have my heating on all of the time helping my purse and helping the planet. I also have blankets in the bedroom for an extra layer at night, which is the perfect solution if you share your bed with someone who likes a different warmth of duvet to you.

4. Rust fleece: This tasseled rust coloured throw I got in TKMaxx and I can’t oversell its quality. It is a heavy fleece throw with gorgeous tassled edging and the colour is simply perfect. As we all know, snooze you lose in TK Maxx and Homesense, so here are another couple of throws from the TK Maxx website just now that are perfect for autumn.

Rust Coloured TK Maxx Throw £19.99

5. Fluffy: autumn to me is all about warm cosy textures. So aim to mix things up with velvets, weaves and fluffy throws like this one.

TK Maxx Fluffy Blanket £19.99
TK Maxx Fluffy Blanket £19.99

6. Tassles: continuing on the mixed textures theme, consider a tassled trim throw. This one is perfect for the colour lovers amongst you.

TK Maxx Ochre Blanket 2
TK Maxx Ochre Blanket £19.99


Dive In

Most cushions on the high street come with a man made fibre filling which is one of the reasons that the shops are able to offer them at such amazing prices. A microfibre filling is less expensive than a feather one. However, only a feather filled cushion can offer you the squidgy comfiness we all want to relax into in the evening. So, I try to swap out all of my fibre filled cushion inners for feather filled ones when money allows.

7. Feathers: Recently I came across an excellent online store called Homescapes which sells feather inners of all shapes and sizes, and at an excellent price point. Not only that, but I paid a few pounds for standard delivery and their service was so efficient that the delivery turned up the very next day! It was amazing.

Homescapes Feather Inner
Homescapes Feather Inner £4.99 50x50cm


Flowers and Plants

With summer over, arguably so dies floral season with it. However, there are some seasonal solutions to having flowers and plants in your home. I recommend going faux or dried: in fact dried grasses just scream harvest time to me!

8. Dried Pampas Grass: Through the power of Instagram, I recently came across a beautiful online store called The Little Deer which sells natural products in muted tones, from furniture to beauty items. My favourite item from their store is their dried Pampas Grass.

Dried Pampas Grass from The Little Deer £14

9. Dried Flowering Cloud Grass: Also from The Little Deer, this grass is perfect for people who have lighter woods in their homes like birch and pine as it tones perfectly. Check out The Little Deer’s website for lots of other dried grasses of all heights and styles, there are so many to choose from depending on your needs.

The Little Deer flowering grass £8.50

10. Hydrangeas: normally a little pricier than other faux flowers, hydrangeas have a much bigger head on them which explains the price difference. In fact, you only need 3 or 4 stems to completely fill a vase and have it looking full and bushy. Flo and Co Interiors has the best range of autumnal hydrangeas I have seen.

Flo and Co Coffee_Hydrangea
Faux Hydrangea from Flo and Co Interiors £11.95



If you read my Bring in Spring blog series you will have seen how much I like cool white lightbulbs, or daylight bulbs, and use them all throughout the house in the lighter seasons. Well, although in autumn and winter I still use daylight bulbs in certain places…think bathrooms, dressing table areas etc…now is the time of year when I swap back to warm white light bulbs to create a cosy effect.

11. Warm Bulbs: Value Lights is the most comprehensive website I have found for extremely well priced and variable bulbs of all kinds.

Value Lights warm soft bulbs from £0.89

12. Exposed bulbs: A current trend I am in love with is for lighting with exposed bulbs. Iconic Lights has a wonderful range of extremely cost lighting solutions and low cost filament bulbs to go with them. I have ordered the Watson concrete and metal lamp for only £9!!!

Watson Table Lamp


Scents and Fragrance

Autumn is a treat for the senses and I’ve focussed a lot on the two most obvious senses when it comes to home updates: sight and touch. However, according to studies, smell is the most powerful of the human senses and should therefore not be forgotten when considering bringing your home into the autumn season.

13. Candles: One of my favourite small businesses, which I happened across once again thanks to Instagram, is also very local to me: Orchard Cheshire. They have just launched a series of autumn winter scents including Blackberry and Bay, Damson and Plum, both of which I have ordered. These 300g jars have a massive burn time of around 60 hours and are only £14 each.

Orchard Cheshire Honey Jar candle £14

14. Autumnal Cooking: Ok, so traditionally you don’t want your home to smell of cooking smells, however, there are a range of amazing Autumnal candles that draw on some of the foods we associate most with this time of year, for example Gingerbread, Maple, Apple and Pumpkin.

Pumpkin Pie Candle Etsy
Lindsey Lucas Candles on Etsy from £5.99

13. Burner oil: I have always had oil burners in my home, but my new favourite thing is my scent mister, a safer and alternative way to spread fragrance. I still use the same oils as a traditional burner though and will never move away from good old Marks & Spencer who can always be relied on to come good at autumn winter time.

refresher burner oil
Refresher Oil from M&S only £6 pack of 2

Wall Decor

One of the fastest ways to refresh a room without digging out a tin of emulsion is to decorate the walls by other means. There are some amazing online retailers of prints and artwork these days, not least Desenio which has one of the largest ranges imaginable.

14. Artwork: One of the amazing things about Desenio is that there is always a discount code to be found on Instagram. Have a look out for their collaborations with Instagram users for codes that can earn you up to 25% off their products. The colours in these prints I have chosen are beautiful for Autumn but will remain neutral and timeless.

15. Frames: My whole life I have only ever used white frames…on everything. If I ever ventured away from white it would only be for the odd photo frame and a white metal like chrome would be the finish I would choose instead. However, I have learned over time that the choice of frame colour can not only frame your art more beautifully, but can also be used to create different moods in a room. For autumn I have added in some natural wood frames for a warmer effect. These ones are from Desenio and start at £3.95 per frame.

Oak wood frames from Desenio from £3.95

16. Mirrors: provide a reflective surface in room to bounce off any light that does come in, despite the shorter days and darker nights. Furthermore, mirrors reflecting candlelight creates more warmth and cosiness. This one from The Range adds texture and natural tones, perfect for Autumn.

Round mirror from The Range £12.99



To be honest I don’t think the season really matters much in this instance as the use of a variety of natural materials in the home is always lovely. However, the colour palette that so many natural materials create lends itself perfectly to Autumn thanks so its shades of brown and warm neutral tones. One such material that is extremely easy to come by and cheap to purchase is wicker.

17. Tray: Perfect for bringing warm drinks and yummy treats to your loved ones in an evening, a wicker tray is a perfect autumn addition. There are a multitude available on the high street, mine is from One World Trading, but simply type into Google to see what options are available to you.IMG_20180916_083029-01

18. Hanging decoration: for door handles, walls, or ceiling, from hooks, pegs, shelf brackets…wicker hearts are charming rustic and easy to find. This one was only a few pounds from B&M Stores.

Inexpensive hanging decorations are available from BM Stores


Warm Metals

Metallic accents not only provide the perfect contrast to natural woods and materials already discussed, but their light reflective surfaces lift autumnal colour palettes and prevent them from being at risk of dullness.

19. Gold:

Hanging gold leaf from Dunelm Mill £2.50

20. Copper: I cannot big up George at ASDA enough for copper accessories for your home. For a more autumnal look, avoid items with copper and marble which suits the lighter months more and stick to earthier tones, so copper on its own or with woods. These LED candles are ideal for autumn evenings and are a snip at only £9.99 for the set.

Copper LED Candles
Set of 3 copper ombre LED candles £9.99


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