High Street Leopard Print Fashion (even for people who don’t wear leopard print)

I once had a friend that told me that I couldn’t pull off wearing animal print because I wasn’t sassy enough….more on that story later if you manage to make it to the end of this blog. However, the one accurate thing that she insinuated with this statement is that animal print can be incredibly difficult to wear.

I remember working in Warehouse during my late teens/early twenties while at university and we got into stock a leopard print shift dress with a little peter pan collar on it. You’ve got to bear in mind that this was before Instagram was even a thing, before imagery of iconic styles hit our eyes every single day from all kinds of traditional marketing like magazines as well as influencer campaigns like they do now. And bloody hell this dress would just fly off the rails, we would have people phoning up for it, trying to reserve it, sending stock between stores. My little sister managed to get herself one (she worked at Warehouse too) and I was so jealous because she looked so amazing in it. But when I put it on, it was just wrong, All kinds of wrong. The shape, the fabric, the colour, the length. Nope.

So 10-15 years later, when leopard print began hitting the shelves again as autumn 2018 approached I was a tiny bit hesitant, until I began to explore the options and realised that along with the expansion of fashion marketing to include instagram social media influencing, access to fashion from alternative manufacturers has grown with it making the whole market place boom. And in that kind of environment there is a leopard print solution for everyone.

I have pulled together some of my favourite high street leopard print items and have indicated those that I do actually own as my little collection of all things animal has grown significantly in the last month (as significantly as my maternity pay and breastfeeding requirements can take me). I have also linked every image to their website, so just click on them to be taken to the right place. What’s most important to remember are as follows:

  1. Leopard print does not need to be brown/beige/tan. Look at all of the example options below that are completely different colours like pink, grey or navy. This can help leopard print to tie in with your existing preferred colours in your wardrobe.
  2. You can wear leopard print without having neck to ankle in the stuff. Super scared? Then try a leopard print accessory or logo.
  3. Practice wearing leopard print indoors with a comfy jumper or pyjamas which will get you used to wearing the pattern before braving the outdoors for the world to see.

Also, If you would like to explore finding your own leopard print pieces, then aim to fill your wardrobe with these key items:

  1. A pleated leopard print skirt – a chiffon pleated layer over a plain base
  2. A leopard print jumper – in an iconic colour like naturals, grey or black.
  3. A leopard print scarf – soft touch or woven with fringed edging
  4. A leopard print shirt dress – in a silky or chiffony fabric so it isn’t too hard


RI Positive Vibes TShirt
River Island Positive Vibes T Shirt £16
New Look Dress
EMMA OWNS: New Look Dress £24.99
New Look Sweater
New Look Sweater £15.99
New Look Travel Cup
New Look Reusable Travel Cup £6.99
Next Pink Shirt Dress £28
Next Pink Shirt Dress £28
Next Grey Cosy Top
EMMA OWNS: Next Grey Cosy Top £26
Next Pyjamas
Next Soft Pink Long Sleeved Pyjamas £25
Zara Soft Touch Scarf £17.99
Zara scrunchies
Zara Scrunchie 2 Pack £3.99


So, there you have it. Honestly, I could have gone on for ages with dozens of products for you to peruse. I cannot recommend New Look, ASOS and Next enough for this season’s range of leopard print products. Pop onto their websites and type in ‘leopard’ to the search bar for the full range of options from them. And all at amazing price points.

Now, you may remember I told you at the beginning that I one had a friend who told me I couldn’t pull of wearing animal print because I wasn’t sassy enough?…Well I sassed that girl right out of my life.

Me wearing my Marks and Spencer Pleated Midi Skirt (£35)

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