Must Buy January Sale Items for your Spring Wardrobe

‘Style Strategy’ is about shopping smart, staying chic and making it all last. It’s about showing women how to shop for value without compromising style.

There’s nothing quite like finding yourself more financially restricted than you’ve been before to make you reassess the way that you buy things. Hands up if you’re guilty of buying clothing that sits in your wardrobe and is barely worn? And I’m not just talking about that ballgown you had to buy that one time for that fancy black tie do you once had to go to. I’m talking about the jeans that are the perfect colour but are just a little low waisted, the shoes that match your work trousers perfectly but that rub your heel a little, the bra that goes under everything perfectly but has the underwiring that jabs your side, the pinafore that looked cute AF on the sales assistant who was three dress sizes smaller than you. We ALL have those items in our wardrobe…the things we want to wear but that we don’t wear because they are not quite right.

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I can confidently deduct that the offence rate of ‘non wearable clothes buying’ is at its highest when there is a sale on, because after all how tempting is it when you see something beautiful at 50% off?! And, trust me when I say that when suffering a bit, going through a hard time, or generally feeling kinda shitty about yourself, it can make you feel that tiny bit better spending money you don’t have on something pretty that you don’t need. Why? Who knows? Is it the frivolity of it that makes us feel nice when everything else is so very serious? Or is it the feeling of treating yourself when nobody else is? Maybe its a combination, but either way I know that recently I have been extra guilty of it.

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However, this year I have tried to do something different, thanks in part to needing to watch my expenditure more than usual. I have decided to shop strategically. What does that even mean? Well, clearly the items in the winter sales are suitable for wear in the autumn winter season, but the reason that they are in sale at this time of year is because the season is soon to turn and spring will at long last come in. So why waste money on things that don’t have an extended wear time? I have focussed instead on buying some key items that I can wear through the seasonal shifts, that match each other. I have taken my first steps towards creating an interchangeable capsule wardrobe. But details about that are for another post. Today I am sharing with you my MUST HAVE SALE ITEMS currently available in the end of year sales that will be perfect for your spring wardrobe. All images are clickable and will take you directly to the retailers websites for your ease of shopping. Let me know what you buy and stay tuned for the capsule wardrobe blog post later this month. 🙂

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