Easter Table Decor that’s reusable all year round

For the first time, I have created an Easter table decor tablescape in the house and wanted to share it with you. I don’t believe in spending lots of money and time to create a temporary display. So I have used inexpensive shop bought Easter themed decorations and some crockery and table decor that will see you all through spring and summer. For most houses, children will normally be at the heart of Easter festivities. It can be hard to marry your sense of interior style with the bright decor that children like and respond to. You will see here how you can achieve a fun style for all the family.

Easter Table Decor – Choosing materials and colours

Spring and Easter see lots of pastel colours adorn the shelves of shops, not least in the table decor section. The perfect Easter table decor idea will utilise those pastel colours but combine them with neutral tones and products that can be used all year round. I have used linen table runners and woven placemats from H&M Home, a budget-friendly home store that I buy from frequently, to build the base of my Easter table decor design. Grey, neutral and wooden accessories and tableware can be used time and time again making it cost friendly for a stretched family purse while remaining festive. The products I have used are viewable via the following images. To go to the product on the supplier website, click on the image.

close up of a set table featuring pastel coloured crockery and chocolate easter treats
With neutral, colours and natural fabrics like linen and wood, you can combine your normal tableware with themed decor with ease.

Easter Table Decor – Hanging Easter decorations

If like me you have wallpaper, you will not want to pin and hang things from the wall for your Easter decor. I found this amazing table rail in Clas Ohlson that allows you to add height and drama to your Easter table decor. It cost me £14.99 and I can use it again for birthday parties, Christmas, or any other time I want to add some decor to my dining table. I already had some cotton ball lights and miniature egg decorations which I have draped around the rack. The greenery is a string of battery operated fairy lights from Primark Home.

image of a table decorated with an easter theme including happy easter bunting and crockery serving chocolate treats
This table rack from Clas Ohlson is only £14.99 and creates drama for table decor

Easter Table Decor – Crockery

I am generally not a fan of crockery (or anything else for that matter) that is themed with motifs and images. I like to keep my accessories quite clean and neutral so I don’t tire of them. It can be difficult to find neutral but festive crockery at Easter when everything is covered in chicks and bunnies. However, this beautiful pastel coloured set from Denby Crockery is perfect, not just for Easter but all through the spring and summer. Delicately engraved with a spring greenery pattern, the serveware comes in 4 mixed pastel tones. I love how well the pastel colours of the Cadbury classic mini eggs match the plates and bowls.

image from above of crockery on a table displaying chocolate treats and a young girls hand reaching to take something from a plate
Denby Pottery has a beautiful range of pastel coloured table ware that is perfect for Easter, spring and summer.

Easter Table Decor – Child Friendly decorations

My route around having sophisticated decor that also keeps the kids happy is to keep festive images to disposable inexpensive items, like this Easter garland. Although, the beauty of an item like this is that it folds flat and is easily storable again. I got this garland from Tesco as part of my weekly grocery shop. I also got a plush bunny egg carrier and some pretty napkins for chocolate covered fingers.

easter bunting hung over a dinging table dressed with chocolate easter food and plants
Tesco supermarket has some great inexpensive Easter decorations the kids will love

Easter Table Decor – The Food

What is Easter without an abundance of chocolate?! I know there are thousands of pins out there featuring beautiful home cooked bakes for your Easter table. But I am a full time working mum trying to juggle my career, the kiddies, wedding planning, a home renovation, and general household tasks. I would love to bake home cooked goodies, of course I would. But in the absence of that time, I go for Cadbury’s. Mini Eggs are always a winner with kids. They can be rationed and used as bargaining chips, and the beautifully match Easter decor colours and the Denby Pottery crockery I feature above. What’s not to like?

Happy Easter chicklets!!

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