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The Simba Sleep mattress has intrigued me with its unique combination of multiple foam layers and pocket springs. For people used to traditional pocket sprung but who also want the benefits that foam mattresses bring, the Simba Sleep Mattress appears to be the perfect hybrid mattress. Simba Sleep sent me a mattress to try out and review and, as you will know from this blog and my other social media channels, you can expect a holistic and honest product review.

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The Simba Sleep Product

The Simba Sleep Mattress is a mail order bed in a box solution similar to other boxed mattress brands in style, design, logistics and price. However, the key feature of the Simba Sleep Mattress that made me keen to try it is the inclusion of a layer of pocket springs which makes it more of a hybrid mattress than the other boxed mattresses I have seen. Price wise the mattress is similar to a good quality pocket sprung mattress – £699 for a king size mattress. But with my unique link, you will receive £75 off of that price.

These are the layers of the Simba Sleep Mattress:

Expanded view of the simba mattress showing its layers
The 5 layers of the Simba Sleep Mattress

Breathable sleep surface. The Simba Mattress has a zip off, washable, hypoallergenic sleep surface that is soft to the touch and easily cleaned.

Cooling comfort layer. The cooling comfort layer tackles overheating (my main issue) and gives you extra support.

Supportive pocket springs. The Simba Mattress conical springs cradle your body and minimise disturbance between couples.

Responsive memory foam. A layer of Visco memory foam moulds to the body for a more restful sleep.

Zone-based technology. Pressure relieving support in all the right places is provided by the durable mattress base.

Simba Sleep Mattress Review – Delivery and Set Up

A two-man courier service delivered the mattress and carried it upstairs to my room of choice. It is possible to arrange that the courier takes your old mattress to dispose of, although you may not want to use this option if you are taking advantage of the 100 day trial for the Simba Sleep Mattress. The box was horribly damaged so I have no photos of it to show you, however, the mattress was packed in several layers of very thick plastic and vacuum sealed so it was not damaged in the slightest despite the outer carton damage.

Image of the insert that comes with the simba mattress including a leaflet, a packaging opener and a door hook
This information and accessory comes with the mattress. The sleep surface layer is incredibly soft.

Top tip: use the cutter provided to open the plastic packaging. I didn’t know it was included until I had already hacked the plastic apart with some nail scissors, ha! I opened the mattress and positioned it by myself: it’s very heavy but I managed it on my own. My concern with the mattress at this stage was the lack of handles which would have made it easier to maneouvre. The instructions advise you can use the mattress within several hours but that optimum readiness is after 24-48 hours. I left it for 48 because I wanted to air out a little. It smelled strongly of plastic when I opened it, but a couple of days left alone did the trick.

Simba Sleep Mattress Review – Weeks 1 and 2

Honestly, the mattress didn’t convince me. When I lay on the mattress it felt so soft to the touch, but once all the bed linen was on and I crawled into bed for the first time, absolutely loaded with the cold and tonsillitis, I wanted the Simba Mattress to cure me and send me to sleep despite how rubbish I felt, and it didn’t. It was so firm. Looking back I don’t know why I expected the mattress to come endowed with magical powers but not surprisingly it didn’t have any so at first, I was a little disappointed.

Bedroom view featuring white bedroom furniture, mirrored wardrobes, a hanging chandelier light, and the bed dressed with lots of cushions and throws.
A good night’s sleep can make such a difference to your day

When I’m ill I toss and turn, and can’t get comfortable. I feel terribly sorry for myself and normally manage to keep Damon up all night with my lamenting and constant movement. I can honestly say that the most noticeable benefit of this mattress in the first fortnight was that Damon was completely oblivious to my tossing and turning because the Simba Mattress does have a magical ability to absorb movement and prevent partner disturbance.

On the first few nights the Simba Sleep mattress felt firm, very firm in fact and I was worried it would be uncomfortable. But by the time the end of the second week came, it had softened and felt significantly more supportive.

Simba Sleep Mattress Review – Weeks 3 and 4

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During the next fortnight of use, I started to fall in love with my new Simba Sleep Mattress. By this point, I was back to work after maternity leave and the first couple of weeks in the job were crazy. I was driving hundreds of miles at a time, I was wearing high heels a lot again, I was sleeping in different hotels regularly, and spending a lot of time either at a computer or on my feet in operating theatres doing field visits. All of these things combined to give me terrible backache, a problem I have had since I was a girl.

Flatlay photograph image above the bed showing a birds eye view of the bed surface and featuring a tray with coffee cup and candle, printed pillowcases, blankets and duvet, and lady wearing pyjama bottoms
The Simba mattress has helped manage my back ache, a problem I have suffered from since I was young.

After a few days away with work, I would lie down on my Simba Sleep Mattress to recover and recuperate, because it felt like the mattress was giving me a big comforting hug. The layers of the Simba mattress combined to offer my aching back support exactly where it needed it and one night’s sleep back in my own bed saw my backache all but disappear. I started to recognise the benefit the mattress was truly bringing me. No backache meant I was able to relax faster and more easily, and ultimately fall asleep with significantly more ease leaving me feeling more rested the next morning.

Simba Sleep Mattress Review – weeks 5 and 6

The last fortnight of my review period has seen the season turn from winter to spring and then back again. The weather in Blighty is always a bit unpredictable so Damon and I combat the problem at night by layering blankets, adding or removing them depending on the temperature. Sleeping on a foam layered mattress worried me because of my tendency to overheat. Damon, on the other hand, always has the coldest extremities, so the Simba Sleep Mattress has been a lifesaver for us. The cooling comfort layer and the layer of pocket springs manage body temperature perfectly.

Do be aware that the foam mattress is marginally warmer to sleep on than a pocket sprung mattress. However, I have found that I am warm when I need to be and cool when I want to be. I have also had both Evie and George sleeping next to me during this review period and have slept more easily when they’ve been with me thanks to the temperature management of the mattress and the movement absorption.

For tips on how to help your baby settle into a great sleeping pattern see my blog post here.

Baby boy sleeping on a bed with simba mattress covered in duvet and wearing a grey cardigan
George loves the Simba mattress which is firm enough for tiny humans but soft enough to support you when lying next to them.

Simba Sleep Mattress Review – A £75 discount for you

Simba Sleep gifted me this mattress in return for me providing them with an honest review of their product. As a thank you to you for taking the time to read my review, Simba would like to offer you a discount for your Simba purchase. Using this link you can receive £75 off of your own Simba mattress.

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